Why do people talk about others?


Why do people talk about others in their absence?

Why people talk about their close friends in an awful way as they leave?

Why people talk in the bad way about their friends treating them in front of everyone but his friend?

After studying psychology for years, it is realized that 10 different people could be doing the same exact behavior for 10 different reasons.

We never come to conclusions about someone’s intentions before we get to know more about his personality for the reference which we are going to use to identify his behavior.


Here we quote some reasons why people talk about others and tell you how to understand those people even more.

Reasons people talk about others:

Don’t make the mistake of judging a person without knowing more about his beliefs, values and past experiences.

If you know the person well then most likely you will be able to pick up the correct reason that is motivating him to talk about others from the ones below:

  • Jealousy: People talk about others when they feel jealous. A person feeling jealous will try to put the person down about whom he is talking so that he feels good himself.
  • The person with bad intentions will talk about the person he is jealous of in a bad way that makes others to hate him.
  • Have the habit to complain about almost everything or everyone


People talk about others in a bad way in their absence in order to prove he is better than them. If a person feels substandard to someone else then he might talk about others in a bad way in order to come into sight superior then others.

Lack of courage:

Some people hate to meet others directly and as a result they prefer to talk about them in their absence after they do something bad to them rather than face them directly.

If a person talks in a bad way about someone all the time because he did something bad to him then know that he has a lacks of courage (see How to be brave in life)

They don’t have the guts to speak up, right in your face

He Likes the person he is talking about:

One of the signs which show that a person is interested in someone else is talking about him a lot. In such a case the talk will be positive or at least his mood will be positive while talking about that person even if he was saying negative things (see Signs that shows that someone likes you).


People talk about others in a bad way in their absence when they can’t get their rights back from them. Suppose a large muscular person punched you in the face then you keep talking about him in his absence it is because you believe that you can’t knock him and you will try to release this energy of revenge by talking bad about him.

After all, maybe we’ll get some laughs and admire from our peers, but talking about others in their back is a net loss in our relations as a whole.