Why We Get Sickness

We think Healthy diet, exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is sufficient for caring our self from Sickness or life threatening diseases?

Then why we Get Sickness

Though diet and lifestyle is a major factor attributing to good health but let us not limit ourselves to that concept. We see the people who are very fit and have healthy diet, die due to chronic health issues early in their 40s. Why does it happen? This is wonderful no?  

Recent scientific studies have revealed a relationship between exposure of environmental toxicants and diseases

If a toxin remains in the body for a long time they lead to diseases.  Many diseases are known to be influenced by both nutrition and environmental toxicants. There is no easy “fix” to protect or interfere against diseases associated with exposure to environmental pollutants. Many pollutants, such as heavy metals and persistent organics, bioaccumulations in our bodies, and strategies to remove these chemicals from the environment are extremely difficult and costly.

Why We Get Sickness

Hormonal imbalance can cause diseases like diabetes and hyper thyroid. Tension and Anxiety can make your body stressed and leads to become body organs dysfunctional. Most heart diseases and high blood pressure is caused due to stress and anxiety.

Unhealthy eating and drinking habits also make our body organs damaged, can lead to chronic diseases   as well. A balanced  healthy diet with healthy lifestyle can be the comeback  to most  of the diseases.

So What is the solution

To prevent your body from becoming imbalance or / and getting free of Antioxidants you need

Eat Healthy Balanced Diet: 

A Healthy diet means, Diet which includes proper types and volumes of foods, drinks to supply nutrition and energy to maintain body cells, organs, and for supporting its normal growth and development. A well-balanced diet provides adequate energy and nutrition for most favorable growth and development to the body organs.

Drinking-Plenty-of-WaterDrink plenty of water:

Water is the natural element which helps to maintain the Body Fluids Balance, Control Calories, and Energize Muscles, Helps Your Kidneys to expel the Oxidants along with Maintaining Normal Bowel Function

Get a good night sleep  

Our cleansing system almost stops when we are wakeful and starts when we sleep. Thus Sleep gives your body a rest and allows preparing for the next day. The good night sleep is like giving your body a mini-vacation. Sleep also gives your brain an opportunity to sort out unnecessary things. This is why our body requires a Good night sleep.

Some Exercise  

Our bodies are intended to move, they actually  want exercise which is necessary for physical fitness and Exercisegood health. Physical activity helps you to avoid depression, stress and Anxiety. And, being active is fun!  

These all things would help in preventing you from becoming Sickness.

Very easy and effective home remedies is anything with vitamin C  (it boosts the immune system significantly) make use of oranges, guavas, papayas,strawberries, kiwis, cantulope and grapefruit to get sufficient C vitamin, since these are the top fruits rich in vitamin C

Vitamin D — and the great thing is, you can get it through sunshine!

One would love to have a hot drink with honey, lemon, crushed garlic and ginger to Detoxify the bowel or immune system.

And probably it could be, If your living house is having a Vaastu Dosh (Defect) in Southeast direction, that will also creates Health problems to inmates.